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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Separator


After travelling through the long pipes, the cranberries and water are separated as they are pushed upwards towards this contraption at the top of the shipping container loaded on the back of a truck. I think I heard that this container holds something like $30 000 worth of cranberries.


  1. Wonder how many cans that would equal?? ;0

  2. @Madge - I'm not sure, but they are sold fresh in bags at $2 per pound at the farmers' market.

  3. That's quite a trip those cranberries have had Anna, $2 per pound seems like a very good price for them, aren't they considered one of the 'super' berries now, full of anti oxidants!!

  4. @PerthDailyPhoto - Yes, they are considered a super berry. Unfortunately they too often end up in an oversweet berry cocktail. They also make a delicious cranberry wine!!