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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missed Opportunity #1


The closer it gets to completion, the more I dislike Plaza 88. Monolithic malls are no way to create community and encourage people to gather along a city street. This part of Columbia sees pretty much no foot traffic and I feat it won't in the future. Missed opportunity by the city and developer to create something positive at this corner.


  1. Whilst Plaza 88 is new to me the concept is not. Here in Leeds there are well on with constructing a big new city centre mall, I think I have mentioned it a couple of times, not really high on my radar compared to say the first snowdrop.
    By chance I got chatting to someone on a city street and he had a pretty girl and was taking shots of a fashion outlet perhaps 200 yards from the new mall, he was going to market the soon to be empty shop when they moved to the new mall!

  2. @Paul - The mall is the scourge of modern cities, imho. If I owned a shop, I'd rather be streetside as the actual mall portion is underneath the rail line behind this white building. Underneath where there is no sunshine. I just know that given the chance I will avoid the environment created with this shopping complex and choose to go somewhere much more welcoming.