A photo tour through New Westminster, BC - Royal City - 49°12′25″N 122°54′40″W

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Mural on the side of the former Salvation Army store next to New Westminster Skytrain Station. The buildings above and to the right are new, and it would appear that this old building is going to be somehow incorporated into the building complex that is soon to include shops and cinemas. If I am remembering correctly, construction of this megalith has been ongoing since 2006.


  1. Does the town need a new shopping & cinema complex?

  2. There currently is no cinema complex, so that would be a good thing. The nearest ones are a decent drive away.

    No more shopping is needed, but I will welcome a branch of my bank so close to home.

    I won't, however, welcome the increase in car traffic in a currently calm neighbourhood.