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Monday, November 1, 2010

Loneliest Number


Inside of the oldest rolling stock currently on the SkyTrain lines in the Lower Mainland (travelling Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam).

This shot was taken on my morning commute, just above the Fraser River on the SkyTrain suspension bridge. Yes, I was the only passenger in this carriage!

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  1. I hope you ended up with some company. Nice theme day shot!

  2. Great Theme Day post. Mine is up on November 1 at Portland Oregon Daily Photo; it’s a photo that I took on the Portland, Oregon, MAX Light Rail last Saturday. Once in a while I'm alone with just the driver of the bus on my weekday morning commute. I think to myself, "Ah, the bus-o-sine! It's all mine!"

  3. @Randy - Actually, no, as the next stop was mine! The bus I transferred to was a little more full, of course!

    @Lynette - I cannot remember the last time I was on the bus alone, save the bus driver! It's an interesting feeling.