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Monday, July 12, 2010


12 July 2010

Early in the morning well be startin' out
Some honeys will be coming along
Were loading up our woody
With our boards inside
And headin' out singing our song
-Beach Boys, "Surfin' Safari"

Another great car from the Show & Shine show yesterday. The sign in the front window says, "Look and Touch. I don't give a S**t", a nice change from many of the other cars with their "Do Not Touch" signs on them.



  1. Great car! Not sure I'd want to ride inside though - at least not if the inside is as packed as the outside!

  2. @That is the chicken - I was more concerned that the wooden doors were suffering from wood rot. Actually, the inside was devoid of clutter!

    @this too will pass - Agreed! This car has oodles of personality.